Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Other !

Here is a true story that happened not too long ago, when I was working in the military.“Dude, how old are you? I said. I sat on a nice comfy couch in the lounge.“26 years old,” the balding white guy said. He was very timid and looked like he had a sheltered live after living in a small town all hislife.He just finished boot camp, failed, and was waiting for his second try at this army thing.“Oh okay. What did you do for a living before you joined the army?”“I was a manager at Mcdonalds. And Wendys. And Harveys.”“Really?” I said. “Wait … I thought managers at fast food make a lot of money?”“Not really.sengal kow ! I supervised the whole place, but I still did drive through order and front store cashier”“Oh really? Haha. And you like the army, I take it?”“Nope” he said.I was a bit confused and stunned.“So why did you joined?”“Becausethere was no other option” he said plainly.“Huh.”“Well, I lived in a small town and there was no other job so I joined the army.”“Oh … I see. But you hate it.mane ader ? Why don’t you work at theoil rigs or something? You’ll make tons of money,” I said.“I don’t know …. I don’t think they’ll hire me”“Uh. Dude, you’re white, this place is flooding with jobs (and it was, literally. Too many jobs and not enough people working due tohousing shortage)”“I just don’t know ….”“Oh, I see. Well, it’s a nice and secure job, I’m sure you’ll do fine” I said, trying to find some words of encouragement.

no other... okeh!