Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sushi ;)

haha..senang hati +suke perot aqu nieh..dapat makan sushi kegemaran aqu




paling suke dan terbaek ! sume aqu order ! mesti dapat punyer...

paleng aqu suker..coz,ader ayam..sedap sangat :)
than dapat free dua Golden ball...boler tahan arr sedap dier...

golden ball

aqu makan sume nie kat sushi king...tempat akaq aqu kejer...

sushi king restaurant

aqu cakap ngan mak aqu cam nie..haha
aqu:mak...nak makan sushi boler?
mak cyg:tanyer ngn kaklong
lepas uwh mak aqu uwn hulurkan wang kertas 50 ringget
bestnyer....banyak boler belie nieh...!
sedap aqu makan bende alah nie..teng0k r tue..

......jangan kcoo..haha

nak siket ? haha...

yummy !

mase aqu nak pileh ... ader siket pening , sebab banyak sangat...
teng0k larr menu dier...
nie baru page depan...

ingatkan nak belie yang nie...
Tori Karaage

ayam tuh...! favourite paling top 10...haha
memandangkan aqu sorang jer yang ,aqu raser..xyah arg beli..
daa kenyang g kaunter arg...hmm ,pulus paham paham ler...mesti banyak burn...
aqu kalo blanjer...tak ingat dunia...
lepas uwh ingatkan ter0s keluar..pastu ayar aqu...

ayar:amek j-card nie...
aqu:buat aper.. (ader bler siket) haha
ayar:pegi kat machine tur..
hmm... :(
lece betol arr kene berator...
tapi tak per lepas nie balek teros tido...haha

tata~ Jusco Aeon...sayer ngnt0k :)

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Acrossesoi job_education

Saturday, April 23, 2011

real punyer sad :'(

terbaek arg citer nie...sedeh sangad...nanges nanges dan nanges :'(
hahaha...first time tengok citer yang melibatkan perasaan...sumpa , nak nanges aqu tengok citer nie
aqu bukan cenggeng erg...(aqak aqu kate) hohoho, tapi nie larr naluri manusie....
citer sempadan nie banyak yang meleleh ea' ! than,mesti ader owang kayer... tak paham aqu...
eg: Kemilau Cinta Kamila , Safa Dan Marwah
asek asek  nanges ( biar arg ! ) setiap episod mesti jatuh air matenyer...
diut punyer pasal..haha, cam akq aqu..."yang penting duit masok"...haha :(
aqu dengar lagu nie (rindu setengah mati) kat phone tak der larr rase sedeh...lagi best ader larr... melayang kedit 7 ringget...
nak full song punyer pasal...nak bluetooth kat saper...hoho ,
sampai bejangket satu family dengan citer nie...ayar aqu..maen suke lagi ;)
tapi diernyer feel terbaek arg wat mase nie...

Kejora Dan Bintang

suke sangad sangad part nie... woohoo...

...THE BEST ....
...the end...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Other !

Here is a true story that happened not too long ago, when I was working in the military.“Dude, how old are you? I said. I sat on a nice comfy couch in the lounge.“26 years old,” the balding white guy said. He was very timid and looked like he had a sheltered live after living in a small town all hislife.He just finished boot camp, failed, and was waiting for his second try at this army thing.“Oh okay. What did you do for a living before you joined the army?”“I was a manager at Mcdonalds. And Wendys. And Harveys.”“Really?” I said. “Wait … I thought managers at fast food make a lot of money?”“Not really.sengal kow ! I supervised the whole place, but I still did drive through order and front store cashier”“Oh really? Haha. And you like the army, I take it?”“Nope” he said.I was a bit confused and stunned.“So why did you joined?”“Becausethere was no other option” he said plainly.“Huh.”“Well, I lived in a small town and there was no other job so I joined the army.”“Oh … I see. But you hate it.mane ader ? Why don’t you work at theoil rigs or something? You’ll make tons of money,” I said.“I don’t know …. I don’t think they’ll hire me”“Uh. Dude, you’re white, this place is flooding with jobs (and it was, literally. Too many jobs and not enough people working due tohousing shortage)”“I just don’t know ….”“Oh, I see. Well, it’s a nice and secure job, I’m sure you’ll do fine” I said, trying to find some words of encouragement.

no other... okeh!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Broken Heart

When I started as a seventh graderI didn't think life could be greater.Soon everything fell apartand you piecedtogether my broken heart.I opened up and let you in,I never thought you'd hurt me in the end.I neverunderstood what went wrong.I didn't think it would hurt this long.All the things you said to me,I always thought we would be.The past we cannot forgetBut our hearts might be filled with great regreI've survived heartbreak and I'll do it again.I cannot dwell on one of you men.Love comes your way each and everyday,It isn't obvious but is shown in a different way.Some people feel it and others don't,There are some people who just won't.Loving is living,You have to be giving.Hiding away won't solve the problem today.Embrace each chance to give your heart away.Love hurts buttake chances,You will find different romances.I will open my heart once moreBut my heart will always be sore.They told me they traveled all over the place as a group. Some of them said they hooker and panhandle and do odd jobs for people. None of them were high on drugs nor were they drinking. At least not this group. I asked about their families and if they contact them to let them know they were alive. Most of them said, "NO.' They all look like a happy family and they took care of one another. I really tried to persuade them to get help and to contact their families but they did not want to. I did not want to push the issue. All these kids were very respectful. Some of them enjoyed reading and writing. They said theireducation is important to them but they teach each other. Some of them enjoyed skate boarding, dancing and playing music. One girl asked me if I could give her a hug and I did. She started to cry and said, "Thank you for not treating us as freaks like everyone else does. People don't realize that we all have our own problems but some are worse then others." She told me that her stepfather was sexually abusing her and her mother did not believe her. She ran away." Her street name is little Mary. They were good kids just trying to make ends meet. I told them that I don't have much to offer because I am a single Mom just making ends met. I had offered them sandwiches and soda. They were so happy to have something to eat and told me that I can't change the world but at least there is someone who really cares. I cried and told them to be save and to please be careful because we all live in a dangerous world. They told me that they are moving to a new area and did not say where. God Bless these Children.Each day I would walk the streets of the homeless and offer them something to drink and to eat. I know its tough to survival on the streets. Last night I ran into a group of 30 kids who were living on the streets on NY. I spoke to a few of them. They were ages 13 to 16. My heart went out to them and I just wanted to cry. I had to be strong. One girl who is pregnant and her boyfriend was very supportive toward her but I had told all of them about the Convent House, that there is help out there.

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Acrossesoi job_education

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Owh kerete.. :)

sukenye... =)
hari nie aqu bawak keter..haha ! mesti tak caye kan...
budak baye aqu bawak kter...
mood : happy,giler giler
k0wang nak taw aq bawak kete per...
toyota......? 2.0v

"sayang pixar"

tekejOt argh....mesti lagi tak caye...
aqu panggil name kete nie "pixar"
per..! k0wang ingat kmoo jer ader name samaran...
mesti k0 ingat aqu x sehat
........ "biadap ea' !!" ........
aqu tak ler bawak kat jalan raye...
just kat kawasan kampong aqu...
haha !
first time tekan minyak keter...
bangger tak cayer...
ayah ngn mak aqu sporting...=)
kete auto....senang sikit nak masok gear....
akaq aqu yang ader lesen tu oun lom penah bawak keter nie...
aqu nie yang tak taw paper ber'iye yer nak bawak ...
dengan penoh confident...aqu tukar gear R

sengal sengal erg...
hahahaa..... tibe tibe kate uwh...maen laju ....
cuak aqu..."tak ler sangat" nak cover ler tu..
citer minggu nie cam citer dongeng eah...tapi nilarr kenyataan nyer yang aqu nak sampaikan kat k0wang !
unt0k keterangan lanjot...jom chat ngn aqu kat facebook / myspace /shoutmix..tengs ! ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

korean ;)

hallo,kmoo..nak taw citerr hari niey..?
(: -korean- :)
suke sangat sangat lagu korea nie
tak taw pasal..haha,pade mulenye aqu dengar lagu korea nie biase jer..
lepas dengar berulang ulang kali...baru taw dier nyer feel...haha :)
suke suke..!
sampai kan aku cipte kan file -K-pop- kat komputer aku...
banyak gakk lagu dier..sume gempak gempak
aku suke tengok k-pop kat Astro Hitz
selalu dengar...sanggop gadaikan mate aku yang tengah layu nie... :)
semate mate nak dapatkan tajok lagu tu..."ngade ngader"
bukan kat astro hitz jer aku dengar lagu korea nie...
kt radio...kt blog...spe yg letak lagu korea tu .. definite aku dengar sampai abes...n smpai aq shut down
haha...tak caye... suda!
kat radio suke time Asian pop kt ERA,bnyak lagu korea
naperr HOT fm tak wat cam tu
antare koleksi lagu k-pop yang ader kat file aku
haha..der banyak lagi...sume aku d0wnload...
mesti aq daa b'janket ngn dier nieh..

yang digelarr  KyuSiHae
dier nie ratu k-pop
minat giler lagu korean
aku suke band nie..minat gilerr




sampai aku add di0wang kat myspace n follow kat twitter
huhu...n kalo korang nak taw per itu "Acrossesoi"
tu band korea ngn japan yang digabongkn...
haha...saket ati aqu bile akq aku kate "per acrossesoi nie...pelik erg"
daa lee sebot un salar...nak erg tampoor
haha...skali skale 'gossip' psal dier..
hohoh...jangan mare...just nk g taw kt di0wg...
x t'kecuali gak ngn korg yg terase yurp...
"sape mkan cili,dier lerr yang rase pedas"
renung renong kan...tata~


Sunday, April 3, 2011


suke sangat-sangat lagu nieh..cmart...-super junior-